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by mrcoffee 01/09/2011
this place is great - everything from the
freshly made baked goods (made
on-site) to the Friday night videos for
kids, to the coffee and computes for
rent. i wish i could go more often!c.
Stonegate Cafe ,
bakery & Video Rental.
has three distinct
marketing niches, a
Bakery  ,sit-down cafe and
video rentals. A diverse
selection of coffee
drinks(Ice & Hot) large
selection of pastries,
Bread, ice cream, popcorn
and more of 20 kinds of
Italian sodas and mexican
Malteadas(like milk
shacks), bridge the gap
between the cafe and the
video sections of this
establishment. This store
has a variety of videos that
you can rent. It has a
collection of dramas,
comedies, Action, mistery,
documentals, an extensive
selection of musicals, and
foreign titles. The store
has a selection of DVDs as
well blue ray.
Stonegate Cafe and
If you are not familiar
with our company and
your first contact with
us is online: We would
be pleased to hear
from you! Please let us
know what your needs
and questions are, we
will be more than
happy to help.

Our products are great for
the environment.
These coffee beans are
grown in  southern regions
of Mexico a Place call
Chiapas. It brews a smooth,
medium-bodied cup and
tantalizes the taste buds with
a nutty flavor reminiscent of
roasted hazelnuts. It has a
moderate acidity that makes
it excellent  brew coffee.
from his own home town
Family chiapas We've been
in business for over 5 years
Call 530-753-1247..
Web master Rubisel Sanchez Arevalo .web page creation and management call 530-753-1247 se
habla español, Tzeltal. repair mac or pc and laptops 1260 lake blvd suite 121 Davis.
cafe internet in Davis ca.
Davis Knit Night .   Knit, Purl,
Knit nights are Monday  beginning
around 6:30 and end around 9:00.
Times are not
set, and you are welcome to come for
as little or as much knitting as you'd
likes 3/2/2015
In stonegate cafe & bakery you can
Trade Books with Our  Book
Swapping Club. kids 2